Arnold Jan Quanjer


Senior Lecturer User Experience Design at The Hague University of Applied Sciences


How experiences, emotions, values and goals integrate with technology is the very core of the programme User Experience Design (UXD) at the THUAS faculty IT and Design. We teach how to design useful interactive products and services based on user behaviour.


User experience beyond single-user interface design


In the first year the focus is on user interaction with technology. In year two students explore user experience design beyond single-user interface design. Within the theme of “shared spaces” they gain knowledge on where people and technology intersect and interact in confined public- and private spaces. Year three takes a closer look at the social impact of technology. The programme consists of  a Dutch four-year stream and a three-year English stream.


A strong connection between education and research


The research group Civic Technology is embedded in the faculty IT and Design, and composed of lecturer-researchers with an active role in education. Therefore, they are  able to strongly connect research activities with educational projects.


Students are involved in research projects as follows: Important themes and research questions are determined within a specific project. From this starting point  demarcated research and design  assignments are written for participating students. By deploying multiple students on the same assignment a diverse approach to research is assured, with different perspectives and methods.


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Arnold Jan Quanjer Msc

Senior Lecturer and Researcher User Experience Design

The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The Netherlands