De Reageerbuis

De Reageerbuis is an online channel where children can broadcast their science projects. The targetgroup is children from 8 - to 12.

De Reageerbuis is a channel with content created by children for children. Adults will only moderate the content for safety reasons.


My role: interaction design, visual interface design and concept.

Client: Universiteit Leiden

A project in collaboration with Lisa van Leenen


Science fair

In America children are used to do science projects at a young age, make a presentation of their experiment and present it at a science fair.

We were inspired by the "science fair concept" in the development of our project.


General objective/goal

  • Introduce science in a playful way to children
  • Experience science by "doing it yourself"
  • Give children a comprehensive manual to do a science project
  • Encourage children to carry out their own experiments


Objective of the channel/website

  • Broadcast your science project
  • Give children a channel where they can share their science projects with others

























UX Design Course Material


This online module is a blended learning environment to explore and use user centred interaction design techniques to create the (information) structure of an interactive digital concept.


My role: class material,  interaction design, visual interface design and concept.

Client: Haagse Hogeschool



Using the flipped classroom model

To design the (information) structure of an interactive digital application a UX designer uses a wide range of techniques.

This course provides students with a "tool box" of techniques that is generally applicable on a diverse range of interaction design processes.


All classes in this course are workshops, set up using the ‘flipped classroom’ model.

This means that all key knowledge about the different techniques, which are the subject of this course, will be available online.