UX Designer en Hogeschooldocent


Mijn loopbaan als ontwerper begint in 1999 bij info.nl in Amsterdam. Daar ontwikkel ik interactie- en visual designconcepten voor websites en intranetten. Nu doceer ik interaction design aan de Haagse Hogeschool en ontwerp samen met anderen een nieuw curriculum voor de opleiding Cummunicatie en Multimedia Design (CMD).








The Heartbeat Pulse Matcher


Just imagine you are dancing on the dance floor in your favorite club with your heartbeat pulse matcher around your wrist. Dancing with yourself is amusing, but dancing together with someone is much more amusing. The Heartbeat Pulse Matcher is a small wearable device that can be put on like a glove.

One or Two or more people can wear such a devise. A pulse sensor detects their heartbeat.





De Reageerbuis


De Reageerbuis is an online channel where children can broadcast their science projects. The targetgroup is children from 8 - to 12.
De Reageerbuis is a channel with content created by children for children. Adults will only moderate the content for safety reasons.
We were inspired by the "science fair concept" in the development of our project.





My Garden


Trying to perceive movement that you cannot not see is fascinating.

I observed various plants and I tried without end to see them grow.

At the end of it I decided to become a plant my self.