In addition to the first part of my project, where I studied the skin of leaves that I harvested in my garden, I explored the movement of plants.


My garden was the starting point of my explorations. I collected flower buds and narcissus bulbs from my garden. I wanted to see how plants grow inside. My challenge was to visualize growth and movement. Would it be possible to film a plant from the inside and show what movement goes on inside a plant?


To make this happen I purchased an usb microscope and constructed a custom made stand to shoot a stop-motion movie. The result is a visualization of the movement and growth inside different narcissus bulbs and flower buds. I cut them in half and put them on a glass plate so I could film the inside. The film is about 2 and half-minute long. But it consists out of footage that I shot in about 2 months. You are looking at  14 days compressed into 2,5 minutes.


The title is Incrementum what means “growth” in Latin.

My Garden

Movement, very slow movement, became a distinctive theme during this project. Trying to perceive movement that you cannot not see is fascinating. I observed various plants. I tried very hard if I could see them move without the help of an usb microscope, without compressing time and speed it up. But it did not work. I could not see a plant moving.


I had to make an unexpected, creative move to carry my research any further. Then I discovered that I had to turn everything upside down to create a new perspective.


I decided to become a plant my self.


I wanted to experience the speed of a plant by moving as slowly as possible and compare my slow motion with the movement of plants. I became a plant in the company of plants in my garden.

The Forest

In this movie I explored movement, growth and time from a different perspective. I got inspired by a childhood memory.


When I was a little boy, that could not read yet. I asked my mother:“ When will be my birthday?” She replied: “Your birthday will be when the trees get leaves”.

My birthday is the second of May, the beginning of spring. Later that day she spotted me while I was looking out of the window. I looked very concentrated and it seemed that I was waiting for something. My mother asked what I was doing. I replied that I was waiting for the leaves to appear on the trees.


I decided to relive this childhood memory.

I went to a forest and sat down in a tree trunk and started waiting for the leaves to appear.


The Dada Bishop

Hugo Ball performed his sound poem "Gadji Beri Bimba" during a performance organized by the Dada group "Cabaret Voltaire". It sounded like a chanted Latin mass.


Shot in dunes near Bloemendaal this video shows an interpretation of this dada sound poem "Gadji Beri Bimba" (1916) by Hugo Ball.


Magic Bishop: Ariel Alvarez